Windmill warm-up

Short warm-up excercise that will allow you to access the hip joints, the lower back and the shoulder joints. Try it out, keep your awareness fully on the movement of the body and how the weight of your legs brings a rotation of the spine. Enjoy!

Flow time!

I love to move into Adho Mukha Svanasana from squat pose! It helps me take the weight from my arms and shoulders and into my legs. Moving into starfish (or whatever variation, both knees bent may be easier) by taking the leg underneath you is actually quite accessible. Shift weight between the sitting bones and rotate the hip joint in and out in Upavistha Konasana for increased hip mobility. I also like the reverse cobras, starting to lift from the middle of the back instead of from the upper back. The key is to pull your rib cage towards your hips while engaging around the navel and creating a wave through the back. And of course, starting out with an arm circle is a must before putting weight on your hands. Try it out and have fun!